I just remember...

...why  i m so haunted by redhair.. My lil sister & lil brother used to watch between 3 & 5 times "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" each weekend and i was absolutely hypnotized by the gorgeous bitch, dont remember her name.. DAMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNN she's so hot ! if i have a hallowen party or something like dat, I shall dress up as her =]

Anyway, i give you a video, hope it's doing to you the same it's doing to me. 

every words !! And the inspired performance.. amazing

and if you aren't persuaded she has talent, watch out

♪♫♪I am no good for you, i m seeing Ghost and everything i do ♪♫♪

c u, and let me know if you see AA, Strapoune or my sister over here...... shit .

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