Musique de ROUX =]

If i had a crush last months, i have to say it was on the swedish miss Lykke Li

and the "2girls-1boy" band Hercules & Love affair.

Especially for the girl from this band: Kim Ann Foxman, completely androgynous & truly a muse.

And this girl designs some cute stuff, i love her eponym jewellery, Go check it if you are fed up about big rope chain...

And just last weekend, i found out a singer not bad at all and in the same style.. LA ROUX, an english artist.

Her myspace if you dont have enough.

All that I determine it's there is always a redhead with me. Because i used to love,i still love and i will always love redhead !! I seriously think about dye my hair again in orange/ginger...

wasn't bad.

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