The cover
''Vive l'amour et le bon vin'' on the back just down 2ppl doing a 69 sexual position! the most funny
My sister & me favorite one '' Tout me fait rire'' on the cheast
''Avenir brisé - Pas de veine'' on the chest
The man on the left: ''FATALITE'' on the troat & the other one ''vaincu mais pas dompté - sans pitié - enfant du malheur'' on the chest
''Souvenir du Maroc'' on the cheast, ''Gare aux anglais, v'là le Boër'' on the stomach & '' né sous une mauvaise étoile'' on the left arm.

So, nearly everyone who cross my way last few days saw me reading this book: Les vrais, les durs, les tatoués de Jérôme Pierrat & Eric Guillon. It's all about the tatoo culture from 1830 till 1945 on the French prisoners kept in North Africa. DAmnn i can't be bored to see all this pictures, it's fucking crazy !! Between hell sad & sometimes funny.. i'm thinking about buy it, this one belongs to the library.

 I just heard from a good friend about an other book about russian prisonniers tatoos.. i keep you in touch, he told me that it's crayziest than this one, cant waiiiit ^^

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