* D O N T G I V E U P

Don't Give Up

Don't give up.. if i have to say something that's it !! Right now, i have so much things to do ...

 Think, discover, persist, forgive, organize, negotiate, go on, learn & teach, forget/remember! collaborate, keep ppl who are good for me around & do not stay with ppl who waiste my time-energy-love-affection, work non-stop, believe in me/in them and us, program, dream, discuss non-stop about value culture-just real things, have fun when it is necessary, line up, give much luv i can, keep my focus, eat, choose, know how to stop then sleep and to begin again.

♪♫♪ Sometimes they'll want to cut you down
Betta scratch that itch cos the time is now
They tell you that you gotta have a heart of steel
If you want to keep up can you afford to feel?

When the system's wrong you gotta tear it down let it fall to the sea bed like a rusty crown
To the stars in the moonbeams glare Shackles on your feet gonna disappear

What if I tried to tell you to do what for?
Can't you see baby life's knocking right at your door
Oooh I just don't know for sure.
What if I tried to tell you to do what for?

Don't give up don't give up♪♫♪

Much Luuuuuuuuuuuuuv 

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